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e-mail: icm@lantic.net



  Solar pump installation manual
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  Electric Borehole motor and pump
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  Order form, Proforma invoice
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For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.

e-mail: icm@lantic.net



e-mail: icm@lantic.net

For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.


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     ICM  Solar Water Pumps          DC  Solar Deep well water Pump Special price till 19 Sep 2018

Choosing the right size pumps are very technical.  We do not accept customers choosing the size.                                                                                                                                                                           

For right size please icm@lantic.net  us the following info.

What is the minimum amount of water you need per day ( not per hour)?

If you need more than 7000 litres per day we shall ask your max budget as well, because we receive e mails from customers that have very limited budget and want over 50,000 litres per day.

What is the depth of borehole and water level?                       icm@lantic.net

Without answering these questions we do not send any quotation. please do not get upset or buy from other suppliers that operate like grocery shops.

Please note as soon as the head is double cost gets double.

As soon as your volume gets double your cost gets double.

By adding panels capacity does not increases, controller box burns, that is not cheap.

ICM Solar pump Vibration  Shallow ( max 50m) water Low volume Max: 1500 L/per day, diameter 4"
We only sell complete with solar panels.
Pump Design Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump
Motor Permanent Magnet, Thermally Protected
Voltage 24VDC Nominal
Amps 4.0A Maximum
Internal Bypass 105-110PSI Max.(7.2-7.5 Bars)
Maximum Lift 230 feet Maximum (70 Meters)
Maximum Submersion 100 Feet Maximum (30 meters)
Outlet Port 1/2'' (12.7mm) Barbed Fitting
Inlet: 50Mesh Stainless Steel Screen
Materials High Strength Engineered Plastics, Stainless Steel Fasteners
Typical Applications Potable Water Well Pump

incl 135W panel, Price:R8095 Excl VAT

The ICJS3" Solar pumps fully Automatic with water level control
 MPPT and DSP chip technique
Motor filled with oil
Max Head:165m

This project products are mainly used in dry region for irrigation of agriculture.
It can be used for drinking water and living water.
The living condition could be much improved.
It also can be used for fountains.

Outlet: Stainless steel
Pump body: stainless steel
Motor body: stainless steel
Screw: stainless steel
Bearing: NSK from Japan

Pump controller, Screw, Cable connector,
Water level sensor, Cable for solar panel,
Cable connector, Rope.

1.Application innovation
Compared with the traditional alternating current machine, the efficiency is improved 25% by the permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless,
non-sensor motor.

2.Technics innovation
Adopt double plastic package for rotor and stator,
motor insulation≥300MΩ,
the motor security was much improved.

3.Structure innovation
Oil filling, convenient installation and environmental protection.


Please ask us to choose the right size if you increase the panels to get more water control box get damaged and is expensive part of the system.

ICJS3-60    180 W Solar Pump and box  Complete with min 250 W solar panel R17,945 Excl VAT

ICJS3-80 Solar Pump 210 W and box    Complete with min 300 W solar panel R21,595 Excl VAT

ICJS3-100 Solar Pump 450W and box   Complete with min 620 W solar panel R27,445 Excl VAT

ICJS3-120 Solar Pump 540W and box   Complete with min 750 W solar panel R31,225 Excl VAT

It uses much thicker wire than 220 volts pumps.  If you connect wrong voltage to control box it cost R950 to repair the control box.

      The ICJS4" Solar pumps fully Automatic with water level control

  ICJS4-100  Solar Pump 1000 W and box    Complete with min 1400 W solar panel Price:R43,495 Excl VAT

  ICJS4-120  Solar Pump 1000 W and box    Complete with min 1400 W solar panel Price:R43,595 Excl VAT

  ICJS4-140  Solar Pump 1000 W and box    Complete with min 1400 W solar panel Price:R43,695 Excl VAT

For bigger size you can use Solar inverters that gives 3 phase AC 380 volts out and you can use normal 3 phase borehole pumps

It is very important that you connect right voltage and watt otherwise inverter get damaged. 4.Solar pump inverter can be built-in GPRS receiving module (this function is also optional). You can operate this inverter remotely through your PC or mobile phone with our provided website, user name and password.
5. Adjustable speed range of pump based on the actual situation of the system.
6. Setting parameters and fault detection through
 LCD display. (43*29mm) and keys, easy operation, good view through LCD when setting parameter, feel comfortable.
Patented low voltage boost device for small pump to reduce solar panel to save money.
8. Working environment temperature: -10 to 60 ºC

9. Stainless steel and waterproof shell, waterproof fan good for cooling

10. System protection

            a. Dry Well ,            b. Over Flow ,            C. Output Overload,             d. Low Input Voltage,                   e. Over Input Voltage,             f. Over Temperature,            g. Lighting,            h. Reverse Polarity

11. No starting Box Required

12. Water storage instead of battery power storage, no need battery.

e-mail: icm@lantic.net

ICSGY1500H Solar inverter 3 phase AC380V,  1.5KW pump motor  2100W Solar panel Total Price: R58,945 Excl   VAT
ICSGY2200H Solar inverter 3 phase AC380V,   2.2 KW pump motor  3,080W Solar panel   Total Price : :   R77,925 Excl VAT
ICSGY3700H Solar inverter 3 phase AC 380V,  3.7KW pump motor 5180W Solar panel   Total Price: R122,395+VAT
ICSGY5700H Solar inverter 3 phase AC380V    5.7KW pump, motor (R12,995) 7980W Solar panel   Total Price:   R164,445 Excl VAT
ICSGY7500H Solar inverter 3 phase AC380V, 7.5KW pump motor 10,500W Solar panel      Total Price:     R225,645 Excl VAT
1.Off grid solar inverter for 3 phase AC water pump
2.With Soft start, VFD, MPPT
3. High efficiency>98%

4. GPRS function (optional)
5. LCD display
6. Stainless steel, waterproof shell with IP65
7. Without battery and solar charge controller
8. Provide 1 years warranty


1. Adopting the dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method & optimized SPWM; fast response and stable operation.

 IPM (intelligent power module) electronic design and transformerless, conversion efficiency 98%, high reliability.

AC drive function for small solar pump inverter. When is no sunshine, such as at night , solar pump inverter can connect to AC city power to work by manually  if  AC power is available. but (this function is optional)
  The IC3SPC" Solar pumps fully Automatic with water level control with Impeller pumps

3SPC2.6/32-D24/300 Solar Pump and box, with 420W solar panel R21,970 Excl VAT

             Solar pump installation manual     5 hours per day. Controller box included.

ICJCS4-10-30  750 Watts Solar Pump and box, with 1050W solar panel R39,825 Excl VAT

ICJCS4-28-13  750 Watts Solar Pump and box, with 1050W solar panel R42,295 Excl VAT


These items are for places that there is no electricity with demand for small volume of water. Please click here for normal borehole pumps.


                 Order form, Proforma invoice

Solar pump installation guide

If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding us.

Please note we do not accept cheque or Credit card.

For orders over 3 pumps you can Buy at dealer prices.

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For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.


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