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     Rotary corn ( maize) seed planter in South Africa Special price 19 Nov 2020 For sale    In South Africa, SA  Also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique, DRC

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    Hand held Rotary seed planter

1. This product is suitable for plains, mountains, hills, mountains, plains, film used. Sharp lips make seeder from terrain constraints.

2. The use of high quality so that the wheel rolling bearing more lightweight, durable.

3. The body transparent visual, user-friendly and can visually see the accuracy of the next seed. Transparent casing able to see the remaining number of seeds and fertilizers.

4. seeding number, spacing, depth can be adjusted as needed.

5. Install repression drums armrest height can be adjusted, and the lower seed depth, angle change, to ensure the emergence of odd.

6.1 day minimum sowing 15-20 acres simple and easy to use, reliable quality and security, seeder Net weight 23 kg



1. Place the armrest, repression drums and a body part with the seeding and fertilization, combined.

2. After the screening seeds and fertilizers into the box.

3.The planting is placed parallel to the ridge in the middle, perpendicular to the ground to keep planting the most open for the best.

4. Hold the handrail with both hands average rate forward implementation, cut suddenly push down

Technical parameters of Farm seed sower / manual corn seeder hand seeder peanut seeder:

Most parts of this item is made of plastic operator must be gentle with it.


Ground cover sheet for weed protection 



 Duck bills are 23 cm apart.




Row space


Seeding depth


Net weight


Rate of Accuracy


Seeding speed

Adjustable,30-40M/h is suggestion


Carton packaging    54X24X58 cm

Seed topography

plain, mountainous areas, hills, flat, mulch film


  Video  seeder

 Single wheel:  Price:R4395 incl VAT    SP5 

Double wheels one Price:R7100 incl VAT    SP55

The spacing between the 2 wheels SP55.   40 cm


ICM Manual single row corn soybean cotton seeder is equipped with 5 different seed rollers, suits for different sizes of seeds  such as corn, cotton soybean, peas , peanut.

Office TEL: +27 11 3123393 www.icmsa.co.za  icm@lantic.net

Office TEL: +27 11 3123393 www.icmsa.co.za  icm@lantic.net



Single punch seeder planter   Price:R1260 incl VAT    Item SP1

     Price:R1260 incl VAT    Item SP1


1.used for wheat, soybeans, peas, corn, beans, seeds and other granular. at the same time, fertilization and planting,

2.Planting, fertilizer consumption, sowing depth can be adjusted,

3.One person, hold a machine, seeding 0.5 ha one day, 3 to 5 times of manual hole sowing.

4.No oil, not electricity, pure human models, simple operation, can be learned in a few minutes, the machine warranty (except artificial damaged) a year.




Hole seeding rate


Net weight


Working efficiency


Bottled capacity




Seed tank capacity


Fertilizer tank capacity


Working rate(hm2/h)


Fertilization depth


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If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding us.


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